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Hi Im Donna‚ and welcome to the top 10 bingo sites website‚ by bingo players for bingo players. I am a big online bingo player and a stay at home mum. I enjoy nothing more than getting on the online bingo rooms during the day and I’ve played many different types of online bingo since I started, some good‚ some not so much.

There are so many online bingo websites out there‚ I wanted a way of being able to quickly compare the best value for money online bingo websites. I grew increasingly frustrated with the endless bingo portal websites out there that just filled their websites with nonsense and big flashing adverts at every opportunity! It seemed like they weren’t genuinely interested in helping online bingo players choose the best place to play their bingo. Instead it seemed like they were out just to make a quick profit on bingo players by filling their website with as many adverts as they could fit into their online bingo portals.

I often thought that it would be great for there to be an online bingo website out there that was not only simple to use but also helped online bingo players get to where they wanted to go quickly and easily. Not only that‚ but would also be a great resource for any online bingo players‚ be it seasoned experts or bingo beginners.

Thats when I came up with the idea to do it myself. Well‚ with a little help from my eldest son of course! He works for an online internet company and regularly deals with building websites. After all‚ I dont know much about the internet or even how to use it‚ but my son came up with a solution for top 10 bingo that would not only help me as an online bingo player but also other online bingo players who where looking for the best places to get no deposit bingo‚ deposit matching bingo and even free bingo games.

I am very proud of the outcome of top 10 bingo. It is the online bingo website Ive always been looking for but never been able to find. I now manage to update my top 10 online bingo table every single day of the week so fellow online bingo players are never out of the loop. Not only that but I hope top 10 bingo will become a big part of every online bingo player’s online activities. Not only am a consistently updating my top 10 online bingo table but I am also adding new online bingo articles, guides and news as often as I can. Also‚ to top all that off my son has added an online bingo forum. I hope this will be the heart of top 10 bingo and will flourish to become a place where online bingo players can share their knowledge about the online games and how to get the best out of online bingo.

I hope you have as much fun using top 10 bingo for all your online bingo needs‚ as I have putting it together and maintaining it! I have made many friends through online bingo and I feel that I am finally giving something back to all the online bingo players out there! See you in the bingo rooms!

All the best‚ Donna

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